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Las Vegas Combat Academy

KRAV GIRL' Tri-Blend Women's Tank - Empowered Fit

KRAV GIRL' Tri-Blend Women's Tank - Empowered Fit

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Channel the essence of Krav Maga into your workout wardrobe with the 'KRAV GIRL' Women's Tank. This piece combines comfort with a statement and is made from a tri-blend of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon, which provides a soft feel, durability, and a flexible fit that maintains its shape and size. Designed for the woman who moves purposefully, this tank is cut to flatter, allowing the freedom to move without restriction.

The front features 'KRAV GIRL' in bold, gold lettering, symbolizing the power and prowess of the wearer, complemented by the LVKM insignia for Las Vegas Krav Maga. On the reverse, the message 'NOT A BASIC B#!CH' stands out, a playful yet fierce declaration of the wearer's unique strength and attitude.

Perfect for intense training sessions, casual gym visits, or just as a daily emblem of your fighter spirit, this tank is versatile and resilient—just like the Krav Maga practitioners it represents.

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